We are lucky to be Cincinnatians. We have a unique collective history and culture that includes many wonderful aspects, such as baseball, German heritage and brewing, industry, art, and much more. However one of the things that truly set our city apart is the fact that many of the places and buildings where it all happened are still here.

Cincinnati has the largest collection of historic neighborhoods in the country, despite its size. There are beautiful examples of craftsman architecture, Queen Anne, Victorian. But the crown jewel, or a jewel in the rough, is undoubtedly Over the Rhine. With the largest collection of historic Italianate architecture in the country, OTR has intact streetscapes with hundreds of properties waiting to be renovated. If we are to make the most of this gift, respect and care must be taken for the old German neighborhoods. We must restore them with acknowledgement of their historic significance, while still keeping an eye on functionality in the 21st century. This is Nazca Restoration’s mission.